Sales Training That Sticks

Designed to create sustainable value for you and your team.

Training for Sales Staff

The first impression a company makes is through its sales people, so it is essential that they have the right skills. ATS gives your team the skills they need to improve their productivity, time management, communication and negotiation skills.

Training for Sales Managers

Is your management team getting results and improving the productivity of even your lowest performing salesperson? Investing in the management capabilities of your team leaders will give them the tools needed to become exceptional sales coaches.

Communication Skills

Making connections on a personal level is one of the most important elements in successful sales. Improving interpersonal skills will help your sales people better understand the complex and varied personalities they will undoubtedly meet in their daily sales calls.

Our Process Makes the Difference

Completely Customisable Programs

Our customised sales training courses are designed to target the weaknesses of your team and give them the methods for success by using real-world situations experienced in your industry.

Unique "Sticky" Learning Approach

We create ongoing development strategies with your management team to foster an environment conducive to information retention, ensuring a long lasting return on your investment.

Tried & Tested Methodology

All courses conducted by ATS are based on tried and tested sales methodology that makes a lasting impact on participants, meaning the lessons practised in-house do not dissipate out in the real world.

Practical, Reinforceable Program

All of our courses combine methodologies that can be put into practice in the real world with ongoing development to reinforce what has already been learned and ensure long-term success: