Advanced Courses

Advanced Selling Skills Training Courses

Building on the strong foundation of your salespeople and management team, ATS has developed a number of advanced selling skills courses to foster the continued growth and performance of your company’s salespeople.

With these dynamic and comprehensive courses, you will give your salespeople the tools for overcoming even the most difficult situations seamlessly. Our Sales Management Program will positively impact every member of your company by ensuring that your company’s leadership is successfully creating a strong sales team through mentorship and guidance for maximum return on your investment.

Make it Look Effortless

Further development of your team’s knowledge and understanding of sales methodologies with ATS’ advanced selling skills courses will give them the expertise to make closing even the most difficult deals look effortless:

Advanced Sales Skills Training

The intensive four-day Advanced Selling Skills Program run over a five month period, covers a huge range of selling skills and knowledge to improve the performance of your team and increase your company’s profits. By covering such a vast range of information, you are guaranteed a more comprehensive approach that will benefit your team and make your salespeople more successful at gaining difficult deals.


Interpersonal Skills Program

Building strong connections through communicating the right message to different people in different ways  is the key to developing meaningful business to business relationships. ATS’ Interpersonal Skills Program will teach your team how the messages we relay can either win or lose them sales.


Sales Management Program

Ensure that your sales management team have the skills and knowledge to gain the best results from your sales people. Our Sales Management Program will give your sales managers the tools to cultivate a team of top performers.


Negotiation Skills Program

Prepare your team so that they have the skills to negotiate with professional negotiators by giving them the methods to negotiate mutually beneficial deals. Our Negotiation Skills program provides real-world role play situations to give participants practice in a wide range of situations.


Invest in Your People, Improve Your Sales

Continuing to build on the expertise of your sales people and management is one of the best ways to guarantee the biggest return on your investment. With courses like our Interpersonal Skills and Negotiation Skills program, ATS has made it easy to do just that.

Contact our team today for more information on our various programs and how we can meet the unique requirements of your industry. We can also work with you to determine if you are eligible for federal funding.