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Customised to your needs.

ATS has been offering premier selling skills courses in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and across Australia for over 40 years. Our techniques focus on building skills that are functional and address real-world issues that your industry faces. With our ongoing support, your team can continue to put their new knowledge into practice for increased results over time and a valuable return on your investment.

Our sales training courses are designed to target the specific weaknesses of your team and give them the methods for success by using real-world situations experienced in your industry. Each of our sales training courses can be fully customised to meet the exact needs of your organisation and sales people.

From essential to advanced, ATS offers courses that cater to any level of experience to build, improve or reinforce the most important aspects of successful selling.

Creating Well-Rounded Teams

Selling today is much more than knowing and understanding your products or services. You need a well-rounded team that is able to present, negotiate and relate to your clients. Our Selling Skills, Negotiation, Presentation and Interpersonal Skills Program courses are designed to give your team the tools and methods to develop and foster these abilities for greater success.

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Essential Selling

Focusing on the communication skills necessary to build meaningful relationships with customers and potential customers, the ATS Essential Selling Skills Program program covers the fundamentals of successful sales techniques.

Advanced Selling

The intensive four-day Advanced Selling Skills Training typically run to suit your company needs covers a huge range of selling skills and knowledge to improve the performance of your team and increase your company’s profits. By covering such a vast range of information, you are guaranteed a more comprehensive approach that will benefit your team and make your make your salespeople more successful at closing difficult deals.

Sales Management

Every sales manager’s job is to help their people sell more effectively. Is your management team getting results and improving the productivity of even your lowest performing salesperson? With the right tools you can reform your team into a highly successful group of top performers, which makes management’s job easier and improves the company’s bottom line.

Negotiation Skills

Negotiating is a skill that depends largely on the personalities of the people involved as well as the context of the meeting. The ATS Negotiation Skills program is an essential tool for not just sales people, but anyone in the workforce. It aids in structuring the way people skills can be used to meet company end goals.

Interpersonal Skills

Making connections on a personal level is one of the most important elements in successful sales. Improving interpersonal skills will help your sales people better understand the complex and varied personalities they will undoubtedly meet in their daily sales calls.