Negotiation Skills are not just sales people.
Our program can benefit anyone in the organisation.

Negotiating is a skill that depends largely on the personalities of the people involved as well as the context of the meeting. The ATS Negotiation Skills program is an essential tool for not just sales people, but anyone in the workforce. It aids in structuring the way people skills can be used to meet company end goals.

Our Negotiation Skills program courses address the unique challenges faced by your team, your industry and your clients.

A sales team with strong negotiating skills will lead to more profitable client agreements, thereby benefiting your company. Our approach uses real-life situations applicable to your specific industry and client challenges. This increases the relevance of the course, allowing for your team to immediately put our tools and techniques into practice in a practical setting such that the learning outcomes are further ingrained. The course aims to groom your sales staff’s skillsets thereby ensuring more successful business deals for you and your clients.

Benefits of the Negotiation Skills Program

Our Negotiation Skills Program courses are structured with a clear sense of learning outcomes. We tailor our courses to suit the peculiarities of individual industries and thereby are able to provide insight alongside helpful exercises that strengthen the skills the course will impart. The negotiation skills program that we offer endeavours to reach some of the following goals:

  • Create a strong base on which to improve the outcome of deals
  • Develop the necessary analytical skills to understand the situation and how to gain an advantage
  • Practice your skills in class to spot weak your points and build strategies to overcome them

As Unique as it is Essential

An essential part of every sales meeting, negotiation has its own key points, language and jargon.

In our negotiation skills program we cover the key aspects of successful negotiation:

  • Planning for a negotiation
  • Recognising negotiating styles
  • Handling objections
  • Resisting pressure and retaining your profit margins
  • Understanding verbal and nonverbal communication
  • Achieving a win/win result and preserving good relationships