Top Level Leadership for Top Level Results

Every sales manager’s job is to help their people sell more effectively. Is your management team getting results and improving the productivity of even your lowest performing salesperson? With the right tools you can reform your team into a highly successful group of top performers, which makes management’s job easier and improves the company’s bottom line.

Many managers were promoted to their positions thanks to extraordinary selling performances only to discover that their new position requires a completely different set of skills. Investing in the management capabilities of your team leaders will give them the tools needed to become exceptional sales coaches.

The ATS Sales Management Program is a two-day course that is designed to outline and reinforce the basic principles that have guided successful sales managers throughout their careers and to provide a framework for new managers to apply these principles to their own environment.

The key areas covered by the Sales Management Program course are:

  • Understanding the attributes of an “effective manager”
  • Understanding your own personality and that of your team members
  • Recognising the coaching and developing skills required for your team
  • The importance of goal and objective setting
  • The importance of managing “the numbers”
  • Understanding utilisation of the feedback loops
  • Developing your “action plan” for success.

Continued Development

In addition to this program, we are able to run workshops with employees and managers to assist in implementing the processes and systems discussed during this training.

This course is also available online. Learn More...