Customised Training Programs.

The team at ATS believes that practice makes perfect. This has led to the development of customised sales training programs for a wide range of industries across Australia. We use a methodology that makes a lasting impact on participants, meaning the lessons practiced in-house do not dissipate out in the real world.

In addition to using role plays to help students put their new knowledge into practice, we also create ongoing development strategies with your management team to foster an environment conducive to information retention, ensuring a long lasting return on your investment.

Methods and Strategies for Success

Our customised sales training courses are designed to target the weaknesses of your team and give them the methods for success by using real-world situations experienced in your industry:

  • Our Advanced Selling Skills Programs and Essential Selling Skills Programs can be fully customised to meet the exact needs of your sales people.
  • Negotiation Skills Program – A sales team with strong negotiation skills will lead to more profitable client agreements. Our Negotiation Skills program courses address the unique challenges faced by your team, your industry and your clients to build successful strategies.
  • Presentation Skills Training – A first impression can never be undone, so ensuring that yours is positive and lasting is essential in business. Give your team the edge when it comes to selling your products or services to potential clients with customised Presentation Skills training courses.
  • Interpersonal Skills Program – The key to building strong business associations in today’s world is developing meaningful business to business relationships. Our Interpersonal Skills Program will give your team the tools to create these lasting relationships for greater returns.

Creating Well-Rounded Teams

Selling today is much more than knowing and understanding your products or services. You need a well-rounded team that is able to present, negotiate and relate to your clients. Our Selling Skills, Negotiation, Presentation and Interpersonal Skills Program courses are designed to give your team the tools and methods to develop and foster these abilities for greater success.

Get in touch with ATS today for more information regarding these courses, as well as our other highly valuable programs. Our team can also help you understand if your participants qualify for federal government funding.

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