Which course is right for our company?

Talk to the people at ATS who are experts in guiding you towards the best solution for you or your company.

Business is quiet at the moment; we are nervous about spending money on training?

In our experience, this is costly thinking. Now is the perfect time for you to fortify your skills base. While other businesses struggle in tough times, you can give your people the skills set to perform in all conditions. You will be impressed at the profit increases you can achieve with an Advanced or Essential Selling skills program or a Certificate IV in Business Sales course.

Training appears expensive. What guarantee do I have that the training will work?

Our guarantee is our track record. Many companies such as MYOB, Dexion, Hitachi Construction Machinery, Southern Steel and many others have provided ATS with written references stating that sales have increased by over 25% thanks to the ATS programme being implemented.

What sort of outcome can I expect to see in terms of sales numbers?

The best results are reported by the clients who have embraced the ATS approach in its entirety, continue to use the program for all new employees, and run refresher training. As mentioned before, many have found sales increases of over 25% thanks to our different courses, including our Essential Selling Skills Program, Advanced Selling Skills Courses and our Certificate IV in Business Sales course.

How much does an ATS course cost?

Many of our clients find it costs less than they anticipated. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs, such as an Essential selling┬áSkills Program or the popular Certificate IV Business Sales course,and we’d be delighted to speak with you and arrange a quote.


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