Train Your Entire Team

As a Registered Training Organisation, ATS runs the BSB40615 “Certificate IV in Business Sales” Online program to improve your team’s personal selling skills and your company’s profits. This highly sought after qualification explores all of the elements involved in the customer/supplier relationship and builds on the skills needed for effective presentation, networking and performance management.

This course can be completed at the students own speed to fit around their other commitments. The course encompasses a wide range of skills to give your team an edge as they master new strategies and techniques in execution. Developing and improving the performance of your team will increase their success rate while teaching them how to provide better service to clients and to manage their own performance. This powerful set of skills is combined to make graduates of this course more valued employees in any company. Additionally, many companies find that they are eligible for government funding to help cover the costs of our course.

Real selling skills – not just a certificate course.

The ATS “Certificate IV in Business Sales” program is different to most other Cert IV programs that are available as it is a sales course first and foremost which as an aside provides those who complete the course with a “Certificate IV in Business Sales” certificate. This means you will not just be completing a course with the outcome being a Cert IV, but also a course that will provide you with excellent selling skills to help you in your sales career.

Develop Your Team’s Ability

The “Certificate IV in Business Sales” is not just for people new to sales. In fact most people who complete the program are experienced salespeople. They chose to do the course to increase their success rates by incorporating the techniques taught in this course. By encouraging the growth and development of your team with ATS’ programs, you are helping to improve revenue growth for your company from:

  • New clients
  • Increased client retention
  • More lucrative relationships with current clients
  • Increased market share

Get in touch with us today regarding the specific requirements of your company and how a Certificate IV in Business Sales can make the difference. We are experts at customising training programs for a wide range of industries across Australia, giving sales teams the tools to make lasting and lucrative client relationships that result in higher revenue for your company.

Improve Skills, Increase Success Rates

The Certificate IV in Business Sales covers the following topics:

  • Sales psychology
  • Closing techniques
  • Post sales activities
  • Opening techniques
  • Buying signals
  • Time management
  • Needs analysis
  • Objection handling
  • Goal setting
  • Questioning techniques
  • Action plan and follow up
  • Self-manage sales performance
  • Benefit selling
  • Prospecting
  • Presentation skills
  • Company value proposition
  • Building client relationships