The ATS Presentation Skills Online Course

There are nine steps that must be followed in order to be able to make an effective presentation. This course will take you through each of those to provide you with all of the tricks of the trade to present brilliantly. Public speaking is one of the most feared things in life so learn how to become a confident presenter and not a person who is petrified of speaking in public.

Many people become complacent or over-confident over time and neglect the process as they’ve “done it a thousand times before”. These people are confident they can ‘wing it’ (and sometimes they can!), but it only takes being wrong once to make it a very expensive or embarassing experience.

This is a time when proper planning and preparation is extra important. Can you wing it? Of course you can but think about what could go wrong…

Lose your train of thought..
The audience can become lost..
You mightn’t sell your product or service the best way and lose the sale.
This course will help you to become confident in presenting.

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The ATS Time Management and Goal Setting Online Course

Goals Setting

“Any path will take you there if you don’t know where your going”

This course will teach you how to set Goals so that you are clear on the path you wish to take to be successsful. Learn how to set both work and lifestyle goals using the SMART goal methodology. Once you have set your goals we can then help you manage your time the best way possible to achieve these goals.

Time Management

Once you have written your goals this section will show you how to successfully set up your diary to ensure your success at work. It is time you analysed what you do at work each day that costs you time and money. Once you are clear on what costs you time and money you can set up a schedule to do what’s important. This simple process will put you on the road to even greater success.

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The ATS Negotiation Skills Online Course

A sales team with strong negotiating skills will lead to more profitable client agreements, thereby benefiting your company. An essential part of every sales meeting, negotiation has its own key points, language and jargon.In our negotiation skills program we cover the key aspects of successful negotiation:

  • Planning for a negotiation
  • Recognising negotiating styles
  • Handling objections
  • Resisting pressure and retaining your profit margins
  • Understanding verbal and nonverbal communication
  • Achieving a win/win result and preserving good relationships

It is time to level the playing field and understand how your customers out negotiate you time after time.

Course Cost. AUD$395.00
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