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Do you have just a few salespeople and think you can’t afford our courses? Yet you know that giving your team members the proper selling skills to ensure they hit the ground running with knowledge, confidence and the right tools to begin building lasting  relationships is vital.

ATS’ Advanced Selling skills and Essential Selling Skills public courses are designed to meet this need with highly targeted instruction and ongoing development that promises practical methodology that can be used in the real-world situations your team faces every day. You can also chose to complete these courses online if it is more convenient.

No matter what level of extensive experience, your sales people can still benefit from these courses to strengthen and support what they already know. Regular refresher courses are valuable to all members of your team.

Build, Improve and Reinforce

From essential to advanced, ATS offers courses that cater to any level of experience to build, improve or reinforce the most important aspects of successful selling:

  • Essential Sales Skills Training– Give your new recruits a strong basis with which to start or reinforce what your seasoned professionals have already learned about best practices.
  • Advanced Sales Skills Training– Take your team beyond the basics and give them the tools to build strong business relationships and land even the most difficult deals.
  • Certificate IV in Business Sales– This valuable qualification provides the skills needed for effective presentation, networking and performance management.

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Training For Your Industry

Contact us directly for more information regarding the most suitable public sales courses for your team. We offer training programs that will provide your team practice in handling common situations as well as the tools to overcome obstacles and build strong partnerships with your clients.

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